#24 – Baseball, Veggie Chips and the most Boring week in sports

Tay and Gabe woefully regret their snack choices as Mark tries to distract them with numbers

Not much happened in the week of sports, but that doesn’t stop the gang from arguing! We talk about the MLB all star game, World Series Winners and continue our campaign to #alwaysclosewithadickey

#16 – Baby I got your money

Scotch Sporting Episode #16

The Scotch Sporting gang discusses the FIFA scandal and Tay discovers that his name actually is Sepp Blatter

We brag about our playoff predicting prowess and wonder why the NHL coaches come from such a limited gene pool

We also check in on our new game “Tweet an Athlete” and realize Travis Snider might be a wee bit sensitive…

#13 – Deflated Balls and Wet Sticky Buns

Scotch Sporting #13

Special Guest Gabe joins Tay to celebrate a monumental moment in human history, the suspension of Tom Brady. A Waterlogged Mark joins later in the programming calling in from his Ark and the gang bets on the NHL finals and where Mike Babcock will land.

#10 – The Weekend Golfer vs Sexy Hot Wags

Scotch Sporting #10

We welcome back The Weekend Golfer to discuss the upcoming Masters and debate who’s the hottest WAG on the PGA tour. (spoiler: Its Paulina)

Join us as we rag on Duke, the Leafs, Tiger and everyone else who deserves it. We play another game of Hits or Tits and wonder why we decided to live stream after all….

#9 – Scotch Sporting’s Fantasy Baseball Spectacular!!!!

Scotch Sporting #9

A very special Mid Week episode of Scotch Sporting!

We make sure you’re all set for the upcoming fantasy baseball season with our top draft picks including who you could get in a later round, when should be first overall and advice on when you should draft a catcher.

The gang also recaps and makes predictions for the March Madness Final Four and checks in on how our brackets are doing (spoiler alert: #busted)

Scotch Sporting, your official voice for the Lingerie Football League

#7 – March Madness, But as analyzed Drunk People

Scotch Sporting #7

Scotch Sporting is your source for March Madness. We have bracket advice, matchup breakdowns, and a way to gamble with your favourite rabblers. Tay even manages to fit in some history lessons! Oh Boy, We smell a spin off Podcast!

Plus the latest on the ailing Blue Jays, the pill popping Maple Leafs and the rest of the sports highlights of the week


#6 – Hey! How’d that guy get in there?

Scotch Sporting #6

This Week the Scotch Sporting team is joined in studio by special guest and fellow Rabbler Chris Taylor. We make the Leafs feel worse than they already do, with Tay doing a spot on Phil Kessel impression, check in on Blue Jays Spring Training and even sneak in some CFL and Soccer talk

Plus we play another exciting round of Hits or Tits that might be our sexiest edition yet

#5 – NHL Trade Deadline and the Power outa – GAK!

Scotch Sporting #5

The Scotch Sporting crew knock a couple back and give their take on all the shocking moves made on NHL trade deadline day (spoiler: Tay had to cancel her jersey order) We beg forgiveness from the devastatingly handsome Weekend Golfer and This weeks podcast ends in a shocking cliff hanger that none of us saw coming…