#237 – Bye Andrew

Mark Chris and Tay try desperately to avoid the inevitable. Eventually admitting defeat they finally discuss the Tom Brady move to Florida and between him and Belichick who will come out on top. Its a classic Shit Vs diarrhea on this can’t miss pod

#236 – He Who Shall Not Be Named

Chris Mark and Tay talk about everything BUT the biggest news in sports this week. Trying to ration their coronskis sports news, They discuss which sport will be most affected by the shut down and predictions on when we’ll be able to heckle our favourite players in person again. Make sure to tune into next weeks pod where they will finally speak His name

#234 – Reece’s Pieces

Mark Tay and Chris and bag with a grab bag of sports. They talk literally grabbing bags, Jumbo Joe’s on ice celebrations and everything in between
With insider blue jays info, NHL trade deadline having come and gone and an already forgotten retirement the gang bounces all around the world of sports

#231 – Plumbers Smile

Mark Chris and Tay are back and learn that a bare butt is the same in any language
They catch up on everything they missed while Tay was in vegas, including helpful tips for MLSE, CFL playoff changes and why every Astros player should get used to getting beaned

#230 – It’s a Sausage Party

Our fearless leader is away in the City of Sin. Join Chris and Mark as they discuss the Super Bowl, XFL, & CFL Free Agency. We even managed to tackle some MLB and hockey talk. Don’t fear though we still touched on the most Scotch Sporting story out there, you know the one featuring a certain Browns Quarterback.

#229 – wasted bacon

Chris Mark and Tay are back this week to honour the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi, discussing his legacy and how it feels losing a GOAT. They also debate their Super Bowl predictions as mark falls deeper in love with Jimmy GQ

#228 – I think I taste bacon

Chris Mark and Tay are back to break down a new internet challenge that shows how willing men are the embarrasses themselves for fame. They also firming secure their tinfoil hats and dive deep into the Astros cheating scandal. They discuss how to move forward, why baseball needs to embrace the technology and how this could go all the way to the top

Is This About Epstein Again: The Scotch Sporting 2020 Prognostication Episode

The gang is back to kick 2020 in the taint!
Tay Mark and Chris are joined by the peanut gallery and Mr Hits or Tits himself to discuss what the think will happen in 2020
Enjoy bold predictions such as Vince Carter is Estonia bound, Quarterbacks will retire en mass and the NFL and CFL will merge into one league led by a bearded Rob Gronkowski… or something like that
Happy new year to all our fans!

The Toronto Maple Leafs will not lose to the Boston Bruins: all the things we were wrong about in 2019

Chris, Mark, Tay and a special guest are back for their annual year in review
They discuss their predictions from the beginning of the year and all the things they were so very very wrong about
Such as Tay and Chris insisting the Nashville Predators were Stanley Cup Bound, Mark assuming Vlad Jr would hit a bomb during his first at bat, and Dave putting misguided faith into Phillip Rivers

After this is Christmas vacation so enjoy this pod while you can!!