#226 – I always Mannequins was a Horror Movie

Tune into this weeks episode of scotch sporting Tay Mark and Chris take a deep dive into the famous sports movie, Mannequins
They talk Mike Babcock’s next gig predicting everything from LA to the KHL, and take a deep dive on Bill Belichick’s retirements plans
We also have another edition of Bowled or Beautiful as Tay and Chris look to even the score.

#225 – Sheefe’s Leafs and the Royal Slurs

Chris Mark and Tay are joined by a very familiar special guest to talk about all things Toronto Maple Leafs. Raymond, of Hits or Tits fame joins the gang to break down the Babcock firing and whether Bill Peters is racist towards all minorities or just veruy specific people of colour.

They try and figure out if Babcock subsribes the same philopsohy, lament the cancalltion of the Grey Cup and Mark is back with another edition of Bowl’d or Beautiful

#224 – Access my plex server

The two least qualified members of the podcast, Tay and Chris discuss the bombshell Maple Leafs news
They compare Babcock’s saga to another actually successful Toronto Team and uncover ties to a long forgotten meme

They join the Hamilton Hype train and get excited for the Grey Cup. Chris is certain this is the best team they ever put-on the field and Tay is just looking for the party

#223 – Everyone has a butt

The gang is back together to say good riddance to everyones favourite bigoted misogynist and struggle to live in a world without a senile old white man telling them what to think
With Don Cherry left in the dust, Chris Mark and Tay chat Astros scandal, CFl playoffs and this week in the NFL

#221 – You want me to trim your eyebrows?

Chris Mark and Tay are begrudgingly back. Recorded during game 7 of the World Series, with TFC hopes on the line and a critical Raptors game, the gang is pretty distracted
Chris laments getting old, Tay wants to travel in the wayback machine to 2012 and Mark as usual comes in with all the stats

#220 – You know my friend Paul

Chris Mark and Tay celebrate the most wonderful time in sports!
Basketball, football, hockey all full swing, and with the World Series on and TFC in the playoffs for sone reasons, there’s a lot to recap
From Drake getting a ring, to the worst execs in baseball, to TFC in the playoffs for some reason, the Scotch Sporting Gang as it all!

#219 – LadyHawk FundleBunch

Chris Mark and Tay are back after a week off in order to recap Tay’s episode weekend of sports

She recaps her experience in Minnesota, perfecting her midwest accent along the way. They talk modern stadiums vs historical meccas, eating every carb in existence and why you shouldnt be Jewish in TrumpLand

This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Brock Osweiler

#218 – Im a Professional

Professional Podcasters, Tay Mark and Chris are back with another super serious, business minded podcast
Between breaks in video gaming the game breaks down this week in sports, including puck drop on the new season of the NHL, best gambling practises and where helmet on helmet hits rank in terms of beating woman and smoking weed

#217 – Weight loss your way to happiness

Chris Mark and Tay dive into week 3 of the Antonio Brown drama and wonder what was the breaking point for Belichick
Tay gives a history lesson on the most woke teams in the NFL and how shockingly recent the Patriots had a quarterback of colour

They wrap up a snooze fest of a Blue Jays season and place bets on who stays in uniform in 2020

they give a CFL recap and Chris explains why he actually believes in Hamilton this year

#216 – In Loving Memory of Jeff Frye

Chris Mark and Tay make a couple of false starts before finally getting this podcast right

They talk week 2 in the NFL and the great american quaterback migration. With Big Ben and Drew Brees going down and Eli just being Eli, the gang chats the future of the NFL and if Gardner Minshew is the next Superstar

Tays love of fitzmagic hurts her gambling as mark lives to fight another week in survivor.

All that plus Blue Jays Trivia, another post season without Mike Trout and does anyone remeber Jeff Frye?