#169 – What is the Plural of RBI?

August 9th, 2018 by

The gang stumbles upon a philosophical thought for the ages; What Is the Plural of RBI? Is it RsBI? RBIs? Is it just Deer?  

While becoming one with the land in order to solve this, they also dive deep into Johnny Mazniel’s debut. discussing his mind blowing(ly bad) stat line, how he’ll fare in game two and why his disastrous start might have just been destiny 

They also talk Our Lord and Saviour Vlad Jr, Gibbons imminent canning and add a new Jersey Rule to the archives!

#168 – Try not to be an asshole

August 2nd, 2018 by

Tay Mark and Chris are back to offer some helpful advice to major league baseball players; try not to be a racist asshole. And if you INSIST on being a racist asshole, at the very least don’t write it down in a forum that will live forever

They recap the MLB trade deadline which was *borat voice* very excite! seeing a fire sale from the blue jays, the yankees securing the World Series and Tay no longer worrying about supporting Osuna

With Johnny Manziel set to start Chris explains why its in the best interest of the CFL for him to be successful and how hiding an injury might not be the best way to go

#167 – Ive heard if they’re from different area codes it doesn’t count

July 28th, 2018 by

The gang debates the validity of noted poet, Ludacris and how Pimpin all over the World might not be the best strategy for a married baseball player.
They also talk all things Johnny Football. With one of the most major trades in CFL history going down, they analyze what this means for Montreal, did Hamilton have this planned the whole time, and how quickly will we see Manziel in blues?
Chris changes his tune yet again, happy to see the back end of Johnny and embracing retoric of the Ticats Front Office

#166 – Urinal vs Toilet?

July 20th, 2018 by

With Tay in Calgary she and Mark have a late night chat about the Raptors, Loyalty and the lopsided NBA.
Chris joins part way in and the podcast quickly goes off the rails with a frank discussion over bathroom receptacle preference and just how far back you need too stand to make it fun

They get back on track discussing how to get over a player when they leave your city and being able to believe in love again

They talk T.O. in the CFL, records vs wins and pay tribute to the best goalie fighter to ever mind the crease

#165 – Can you guys talk about the CFL? I have to pee

July 12th, 2018 by

Tay Mark and Chris are back talking soccer, as they struggle with trying to understand injury time and discuss the historic World Cup rivalry of France vs….. Croatia? I guess…?

Chris eats his words and tries to claim he was always 100% behind Johnny Football as Tay and Mark wonder how long you give some one before you pull the plug?

Tay does a deep dive on still supporting the Blue Jays after they welcome back Osuna and struggles with forgiveness

All that plus balance in the CFL, WTF Montreal and the wonderful world of E sports

#164 – all the things were (probably) wrong about

July 5th, 2018 by

With the midway point of the year having come and gone, the gang takes the time to check in on their annual prognostications. Will Johnny Manziel ever suit up for the Ticats ? Will TFC repeat as MLS champs? Was Tay right for once after constantly picking the Washington Capitals? The answer to most of these questions is “You probably shouldn’t listen to us”

Well, still keep listening to the podcast just don’t ya know… use this to gamble

All that plus Marks Tavaras hard on, LeBron moving west to face the Golden State Allstars, and England getting a little head of themselves in the world cup

#163 – First you bite, then you moisten

June 28th, 2018 by

The gang starts this week with an important question? How do you like your fudge?
After debating the best way to properly eat frozen treats, they finally get to talk World Cup. They realize Germanys defeat wasn’t unheard of and wonder just how quickly the coach will get fired. Tay gets weirded out by grown men crying. Mark shamefully admits he didn’t support his fellow asians and Tyler continues to be the only one who knows whats going on

Chris gets excited dreaming of his new Tavares Jersey and makes a bet for the next Scotch Sporting day. The gang also talks CFL, Tay’s marketing suggestion for the Argos and RIP Ricky Ray

#162 – I used to eat more when I had my gallbladder

June 21st, 2018 by

Without Tyler around to guide the gang back towards Soccer, Tay Mark and Chris find everyone else to talk about. From Headphones to rabbits and Wendy’s food this pod has got it all!

when they finally get back on track they talk about the great side stories around the World Cup, like the Mexican Earthquake, Helpful Japanese fans and an ill through out marketing campaign by Burger King

All that plus week one of the CFL, and what may be the greatest baseball injury of all time

#161 – Zabivaka the wolf will eat your family now

June 15th, 2018 by

The gang is back together to talk all things World Cup and Tay manages to offend only a handful of countries. They make their predictions for the group stage, discuss why being and England fan is less depressing when you don’t have hope in the first place, and debate whether Zabivaka the wolf is more or less inclined to kill your entire family than Hunter, the Oiler Lynx

They talk TFC with Mark doing Tylers homework, John Gibbons refusal to adapt to strategy and why you shouldn’t podcast with pets

#160 – Aint no party like a Mexican soccer party

June 7th, 2018 by

The gang is celebrating this weeks podcast just the way the entire Mexican national soccer team would want: with 30+ hookers. Tay asks Mark and Tyler some harsh questions about genital ratios and accidental contact and they make early predictions for the world cup pools

The deep dive into blue jays fandom wondering how long they need to tough out a lost season, when is the appropriate time leave the game and why oh why is Grichuk still a person

All that plus Johnny Football, CFL ratings and even more hookers

#159 – The CFL! Because anything else is too depressing

May 31st, 2018 by

its a dark time for sports with a repetitive NBA, a free falling blue jays team, and a hockey finals that no one wanted. So the gang has no choice but to watch the CFL. Join them this week as they fall deeper and deeper into depression before realizing that Johnny Manziel, The Argos and Pinball Clemons might be their only solace.

#158 – Hits or Tits Live!

May 24th, 2018 by

The gang is joined by a special guest as former Hits Or Tits star Raymond is there to grunt along with this week’s podcast.
Tay and Ray yell at game 7 as Tyler struggles to remember who’s even playing, and the gang makes their final Stanley Cup picks.
With the Ticats signing of Johnny Football Chris takes the podcast deep into a conspiracy rabbit hole, describing a world of deception and intrigue within the CFL
All that plus the Blue Jays snooze fest, how to make the Skydome not suck, and how the NFL is literally the worst thing ever

#157 – Oh shit, I forgot id have to live in Winnipeg

May 17th, 2018 by

Back from vacation and feeling depressed the gang chats about all of last weeks downers. Including the Raptors sweep, Dwane Casey’s unceremonious firing and the fact that Boston and San Jose crushed Tay and Chris spirits for another year.

They keep the sadness going when they touch on the fact Osuna is dead to them, Cano cheated his way to victory and then get into a heated debate about whether or not Joey Votto speaks the #truth or is he a bad Canadian

All that plus how Darian Durant must have woken up one morning and realized he’d actually have to PLAY in Winnipeg

# 156 – Who left Mark and Tay Alone?

May 3rd, 2018 by

All is quiet on the Scotch Sporting front with just Mark and Tay to recap the week in sports. But don’t worry, that just means they can make outlandish claims and push their own agenda without anyone to stop them! New playoff format? Yup! Cleveland Browns Draft analysis? why not! Shortening the MLB season? of course! They’re joined by Mr Peanut to talk basketball playoffs, the raptors and why they just need to believe in themselves

#155 – The Scotch Sporting post game special

April 26th, 2018 by

With an epic night in Toronto, the gang records a special late night podcast after the end of Game 7.
They recap the epic series with Mark finding the silver lining, Tay getting accidentally in the bag and Chris reminding everyone that theres another conference and his team is still in it

They try and predict round two, getting harassed by fair weather leaf fans, making reservations at Copa Cabana and even the Raptors!

With the TFC in the CONCACAF finals, something incredible happens…. something miraculous…Chris watches the game

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