What We’re Drinking This Week – Budweiser

A new feature on Scotch Sporting!

We Booze, we yell about sports, its time to tell you what we’re drinking thats helpings us choke down our rage while we podcast. Check out the latest episode here

What We’re Drinking This Week – Budweiser

Why We’re drinking: In Honour of Toronto’s own Lee Harvey Oswald, Ken Pagan, we’re sipping on a stiff can of Roger’s Centre’s Finest Ale. You can’t have cans in the dome, but you can have cans at home!

Our Review: If you haven’t every tasted a Budweiser before congratulations you clearly didn’t drop out of high school or hang out with anyone who regularly attended a bush party. This is a beer that needs to be consumed as fast as possible so your brain doesn’t have time to register you’re ┬ádrinking the water from pot after you’ve already drained the pasta

Sober Second Thoughts: God bless Canada. Mass shootings in the states? People call for MORE guns. One pudgy Hamilton resident hurls a $12 can of the melted ice you scrap from the inside of your freezer? Ban the Can!



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