Perv of the week – Russell Martin


Another New Scotch Sporting Feature!

As well as boozing we also consider ourselves aficionados of good looking, successful people and will be honouring them weekly. Like a fine red wine, we’re all for celebrating richness and a good body. 

Warning there might be repeats, because some people will never not be sexy…

Perv of the Week – Russell Martin 


This week we celebrate the our favourite backstop in honour of the ALCS home series.While we’re used to Russell lighting a fire in our loins, he’s looking to light a fire in himself and the rest of the team. Ahead of tonight’s game 3, Martin was asked about his strategy for this evening and what he thinks the team needs to do to win

Via the Toronto Sun


“You f—ing show up, man, and you f—ing play the game hard and that’s it — that’s my line,” Martin said in a rally-the-troops sort of way Sunday afternoon inside the Blue Jays’ clubhouse. “That’s it. There’s no f—ing secret. You play the game. Period. There’s no magic way of doing things, you just keep doing what you’ve been doing the whole way. That’s it. It’s actually annoying answering questions about it, you know what I mean? That’s the honest truth. I have nothing to say except we’ve just gotta show up and play. That’s it. That’s what you’re getting from me today.”

And thats all we ever need from you Russell. Just to show up and F_____

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