What We’re Drinking This Week – Stalk and Barrel

A new feature on Scotch Sporting!

We Booze, we yell about sports, its time to tell you what we’re drinking thats helpings us choke down our rage while we podcast. Check out the latest episode here

What We’re Drinking This Week – Stalk and Barrel Blended Whiskey*

Why We’re drinking: With the Blue Jays down 2-0 in the ALCS, we needed confidence. And nothing makes use confident like sipping whiskey. It makes us want to put on a 3 piece suit and pinch an indescriminate variety of bums (with consent of course). And Stalk and Barrel is Canadian, so we can drink and confidently hum the log drivers waltz

Our Review: Though a blended whiskey (shudder…. how pedestrian) its pretty strong without leaving too harsh taste. Not as syrupy as we find a lot of canadian whiskey’s it did have some nice cinnamon and light vanilla flavours and other words that whiskey drinkers make up to say instead of just  “sweet”

Sober Second Thoughts: What initially seemed like a powerful punch didn’t end up leaving much an impression. Much like the Blue Jays after the first series….


*Full disclosure we’re pretty sure we called it “Stake and barrel” on the podcast cast. Whoops. Lifted a few too many… 

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