#6 – Hey! How’d that guy get in there?

Scotch Sporting #6

This Week the Scotch Sporting team is joined in studio by special guest and fellow Rabbler Chris Taylor. We make the Leafs feel worse than they already do, with Tay doing a spot on Phil Kessel impression, check in on Blue Jays Spring Training and even sneak in some CFL and Soccer talk

Plus we play another exciting round of Hits or Tits that might be our sexiest edition yet

#5 – NHL Trade Deadline and the Power outa – GAK!

Scotch Sporting #5

The Scotch Sporting crew knock a couple back and give their take on all the shocking moves made on NHL trade deadline day (spoiler: Tay had to cancel her jersey order) We beg forgiveness from the devastatingly handsome Weekend Golfer and This weeks podcast ends in a shocking cliff hanger that none of us saw coming…

#4 – We’re All About That Bass

Scotch Sporting: Episode 4

This week we’re exploring below the belt. We’re joined on the line by The Weekend Golfer, play another round of Hits or Tits and a new game called “Is Jack Edwards really that dumb?”

We also find out why football players should keep it in their pants, and Taylor gets horrifically embarrassed on air. Which may or may not be related to the previous sentence…