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NFL Pick’em – Playoff Addition

Welcome to the Playoff Pick’em for Scotch Sporting

Lets go FOOTBALL!!





WEEK Chris Chris Mark Mark Tay Tay Tyler Tyler Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 4.44.38 PM Katie Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 1.47.00 PM Tays Dad Dave

Mr Peanut

Chiefs Vs Texans  Chiefs  Texans  Chiefs  Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
Steelers Vs Bengals  Steelers Bengals  Steelers  Steelers Steelers  Steelers  Steelers
Seahawks Vs Vikings  Vikings Seahawks  Vikings  Vikings  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks
Packers Vs Redskins  Packers  Redskins  Redskins Packers  Redskins Redskins  Redskins

Scotch Sporting’s 2016 Predictions: Cheating, Bras and Cinderella

Who Cheats, who needs new Undies, and who will Katie take to the Ball?

Check out the predictions the Scotch Sporting team made for 2016

We’ll keep checking throughout the year to see who was right and who was WAY off the mark.




Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.29.23 PM




 2016 Superbowl Winner  Cardinals  Cardinals  Panthers Cardinals Patriots  Cardinals
 2016 NBA Championships  Golden State  Chicago Bulls*  Golden State  Golden State  Golden State  Golden State
 2016 Stanley Cup Winner  Blackhawks  Bruins*  Rangers  Canadiens  Blackhawks  Stars
 2016 World Series Winner  Cubs  Cubs  Mets  Dodgers  Cubs  Cubs
 2016 Grey Cup Winner  Ticats  Ticats  Stampeders REDBLACKS*  REDBLACKS*  REDBLACKS*
 What will Roger Goodell’s next big Blunder be, and will it be his last?  Covering up a drug scandal and yes Make the Raiders play in same stadium as the 49ers and No More coming out about a scandal we already know about, and yes  Drug Scandal, and no Messes up domestic abuse suspension, and yes Unsure of Blunder, but it will be his last
 What will happen to Fifa?  Corrupt as always  Nothing Changes  They’ll fold it  Same Old Shit  Nothing Changes  Nothing Changes
 Will there be an expansion announcement? If so, what sport and what City No Yes Hockey in Vegas  Yes, Hockey in Vegas and Quebec City and Basketball in Seattle Yes, Hockey in Las Vegas  No Yes, Hockey in Las Vegas
 Where will the Raiders and the Chargers be next season?  Oakland stays put, San Diego will be in L.A.  San Diego will play in Carson City, the Raiders will play with the 49ers  No Changes  They’ll  both be in L.A.  No Changes  Both will play in L.A.
 2016 Cinderella Team  Florida Panthers  Florida Panthers  Dallas Stars and Washington Redskins  Cubs Im a Patriots Fan. I don’t need Cinderalla  Dallas Cowboys
 Who will announce their retirement in 2016?  Payton Manning  Payton Manning  Ryan Miller, Jaromir Jagr and Chara  Payton Manning  Roger Federer  Roger Federer and Tony Romo
 What Will Ronda Rousey do in her rematch against Holly Holm?  Lose Again  Win  Lose Quickly  Win, but goes to a decision  Win Quickly  Over Quickly regardless of win or Loss
 Biggest Bra Burning Story of 2016  Female MLS player  yay Bras!* Becky Hammon takes over temporarily for the Spurs  Head or Assistant coach in a major sport Harleigh will become an agility dog Becky Hammon takes over temporarily for the Spurs
 Who is involved in the next cheating Scandal of 2016  Toews and LeBron  Sidney Crosby  A-Rod or Ryan Braun (again) No Big Names  An olympic Sprinter  Aroldis Chapman and Dustin Johnson
 Tay’s 2016 NFL Bandwagon Team Redskins  49ers* Jets only if Fitzmagic is back Vikings  Seahawks or Patriots  Panthers or Ravens

*Did not submit an answer, so we made it up

Scotch Sporting’s Year in Review

Listen to our year in Review Podcast HERE and check out below for our highlights of 2015



Never have we cared more about one man and his less than ample balls than in January of 2015. We found out that Tom Brady kinda, sorta, maybe, knew, or had general knowledge, that at some point, maybe a trainer deflated footballs just slightly before the AFC championship game.

What made this story believable was the fact the Patriots have been known for kinda, sorta bending the rules in the past so deflating footballs, and thus making them easier to grip, doesn’t seem to outside of the realm of possibility. The NFL fan collective seems willing to believe just about anything against the perceived evil Empire Patriots. Belichick was actually responsible for the Irish potato famine? Makes sense…



February is unquestionably the sh*ttiest month. You’ve realized how much weight you actually gained from Christmas, there are no long weekends to look forward to and you remember you live in Canada and have 2 more months of this bullsh*t weather. Then in 2015, it was made worse by Superbowl 49. Much like February as a whole, this game will be remembered for failure. Instead of being remembered for the insane catch made by Seattle Seahawk’s Jermaine Kearse (which did happen) and then a rush to the endzone by Marhsawn Lynch (which didn’t happen) it will instead be remembered for a last second interception, to hand the New England Patriots their 4th championship since 2001.



Because this list needs some Canadian Content, March saw us saying goodbye to Canadian sports legend Steve Nash. Well, we said goobye to his NBA career. He’s still happily living in Victoria BC. After 19 season Nash retired as the greatest Canadian to ever play the game. The 8 time all star joins an illustrious list of great players to never win a championship 




Though he still shouldn’t take off his hat, Jordan Spieth had a hell of a 2015. His season was highlighted by his Masters win on April 12th, capturing the Green Jacket after Mr. Paulina Gretzky blew his lead just like the lines of coke he did the night before. Spieth became the world #1 and began a new era of young unattractive golfers with disproportionality hot wives (seriously, the gap is bigger than any other sport. See here and here for just two examples)



Ah May. Where Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, FDR is elected president and Al Capone resigns supreme on the stree-. Wait a minute… this isn’t the 1930’s….

Coming easily 82 years late, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao finally meet in what was dubbed as the “Fight of the (20th) Century”. Though the fight raked in huge Pay Per View money, it is widely considered a dud, with Mayweather using defense to thwart an aging Pacquiao. At least the fight was able to make the humble and kind hearted Floyd a richer man




June was a month of cementing reputations. It saw the establishment of a hockey dynasty with the Chicago Blackhawks winning their 3rd championship in 6 years. June also saw Carey Price winning every single award possible, including a Peabody and a Best Supporting Actor Tony award as he confirmed his reputation as the greatest goalie currently playing. June also saw the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 7 of the NBA finals, becoming the first pure jump shooting team that’s won it in years.


The PanAm games happened. We think…? There were lots of people in the city for a bit…

The Toronto Blue Jays also had the most active trade deadline in recent memory, with Alex Anthopoulos betting the farm to make a bid for the playoffs. The Jays trade for Troy Tulowitzki, David Price and Ben Revere. Though David Price is now dead to us.



After Roger Goodell inexplicably fighting super SUPER hard, Tom Brady had his 4 game suspension for his involvement in deflate gate overturned. This happened because it couldn’t be a) proven beyond reasonable doubt what he know about the scandal in advance and b) the initial 4 game suspension was without precedent based on his alleged crimes.


As some extra reading, Here’s a great article about the morality of the NFL and people who were allowed to continue playing in the NFL despite of domestic abuse allegations, drug charges and if we’re getting technical “killing people”



Is there any other human being, male or female, who has been as dominant in their sport as Serena Williams has been for the last decade? Despite losing her bid for a Grad Slam in the Semi Finals of the US open, she will still finish the year with 21 career Slam titles and was selected as Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year (the first woman solo honored since 1983). So lets stop focusing on how she looks in eveningwear? (although for the record, the answer is F*&^ing SICK)



Thats all


Speaking of Burning our Bra’s, 2015 saw the rise of Ronda Rousey. She became the rare female athlete to be just as popular, if not more so, with men than women and not just for her looks but for her undeniable dominance in her sport. She has a “masculine” type bravado which rubs many people the wrong way, but made this writer have to find new underwear quite a few times. Her undefeated streak came to an end thanks to a knockout kick by Holly Holm, but her stardom and that fight helped put women’s UFC onto the worlds stage



The Golden State Warriors and Carolina panthers dominated the NBA and NFL before finally losing in game 25 and game 16 of their respective seasons causing the conversation to turn from the perennial favourites like the Heat, Spurs, Patriots and Steelers to new, young up and coming fun to watch teams. The end of 2015 also saw Ryan Fitzpatrick spotting Tay in the stands and whisking her off to Hawaii (we’re writing this as of Dec 30th, so there’s still time!)

NFL Pick’em – Week 15

Welcome to the Scotch Sporting NFL Pick’em

We’re at week 15 and finally have a new leader!!

Schutlzy isn’t doing his picks anymore, so until Mark sends his in, we asked the cute girl who sits next to us at work to pick for him

Click here to See who’s in the lead!


WEEK Chris Chris (111-84) Mark Mark (111-84) Tay Tay(112-83) Tyler Tyler(113-82)
Rams Vs Buccs  Rams  Buccs  Buccs  Rams
Jets Vs Cowboys Jets  Jets  Jets Cowboys
Chiefs Vs Ravens  Chiefs  Chiefs  Chiefs  Chiefs
Texans Vs Colts  Colts  Texans  Texans  Colts
Titans Vs Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots
Bills Vs Redskins  Bills  Redskins  Redskins  Bills
Bears Vs Vikings Vikings  Vikings  Vikings  Vikings
Panthers Vs Giants Panthers Giants Panthers  Panthers
Falcons Vs Jaguars  Jaguars  Jaguars  Falcons  Jaguars
Packers Vs Raiders Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers
Brows Vs Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks Seahawks
Bengals Vs 49ers Bengals  Bengals  Bengals  Bengals
Broncos Vs Steelers  Broncos  Steelers  Steelers Steelers
Dolphins Vs Chargers  Chargers  Dolphins  Dolphins  Chargers
Cardinals Vs Eagles  Cardinals  Cardinals  Cardinals  Cardinals
Lions Vs Saints  Saints  Saints  Lions  Saints

9 reasons to watch the CFL

In Honour of this weekend’s Grey Cup, we thought we’d give the CFL a little loving too
Heres how we rank the QB’s of the North based solely on looks. Which ones fail to go the extra 10 yards and which ones we wouldn’t mind widening the field for.

#9 – Matt Nichols – Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Hotness = 1/10)

Now, we have loads of experience trolling the internet for pictures of men. And we also pride ourselves in being able to find the sexy in everyone (Thanks for the help Tequila!) but this is actually the best picture we could find of Matt Nichols. At least he looks like the kind of guy who’d always offer to help you move

#8 – Ricky Ray – Toronto Argonauts (Hotness = 1.2/10)


#7 – Zach Collaros – Hamilton Ticats (Hotness = 2.5/10)

Now hear us out here. For every picture like the one to the left, there’s another 5 like this one. and this one Are you willing to take that risk?

“oh! Which one is your boyfriend?!”

“… I don’t know 🙁 “

#6 -Brett Smith – Saskatchewan Roughriders (Hotness = 4/10)

Does anyone remember the critically acclaimed, but under appreciated Clone High? At least we know what the cartoon Abe Lincoln is doing now after the show was cancelled.

#5 – Bo Levi Mitchell – Calgary Stampeders (Hotness = 5.5/10)

Though fairly good looking, He loses points simply because is name is Bo which we could never yell either in passion or an argument

#4 – Jonathan Jennings – BC Lions (Hotness = 7.5/10)

We’ll take any excuse to move to the west coast, but Jonathan Jennings would make it even better. He loses a few points for having a very well trimmed beard but messy hair, which is confusing. Why not coif both?

#3 – Henry Burris – Ottawa REDBLACKS (Hotness = 8/10)


#2 – Brandon Bridge – Montreal Alouettes (Hotness = 9/10)

Young, Good looking and the only Canadian starting QB in the CFL? We’re getting all rouge-y in the cheeks (get it? CFL Joke)

#1 – Mike Reilly – Edmonton Eskimos (Hotness = 9.5/10)

The main reason we’ll be tuning into the Grey Cup this weekend. And literally the only thing we care about in Edmonton, or “Calgary Jr.”

NFL Pick’em – Week 12

Welcome to the Scotch Sporting NFL Pick’em

Happy Thanksgiving America Readers/Listeners! Chris won the week last week Just for you!!!


Click here to See who’s in the lead!


WEEK Chris Chris (83-64) Mark Mark (82-65) Tay Tay(86-60) Tyler Tyler(84-63)
Eagles Vs Lions  Eagles  Lions  Lions  Eagles
Panthers Vs Cowboys  Panthers  Panthers  Panthers  Panthers
Bears Vs Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers Packers
Bills Vs Chiefs  Chiefs  Chiefs  Bills  Bills
Rams Vs Bengals  Bengals Bengals  Bengals  Bengals
Saints Vs Texans  Texans  Texans Saints  Saints
Buccs Vs Colts Colts  Colts  Colts  Buccs
ChargersVs Jaguars Jaguars  Jaguars  Jaguars  Chargers
DolphinsVs Jets  Jets  Jets  Jets  Jets
Vikings Vs Falcons  Vikings  Vikings Vikings Vikings
Giants Vs Redskins  Giants  Giants  Giants  Redskins
Raiders Vs Titans  Titans  Raiders  Raiders  Titans
Cardinals Vs 49ers  Cardinals  Cardinals  Cardinals Cardinals
Steelers Vs Seahawks Seahawks Steelers  Seahawks Steelers
Patriots Vs Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Patriots  Patriots
Ravens Vs Browns Browns  Browns Ravens  Ravens

NHL Pick’em Week 8

Welcome to the Scotch Sporting NFL Pick’em

Hey would you look at that? Mark did good last week!!!


Click here to See who’s in the lead!


WEEK Chris Chris (69-50) Mark Mark (71-48) Tay Tay(73-46) Tyler Tyler(73-46)
Bengals Vs Browns Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals
Dolphins Vs Bills  Bills Bills Dolphins Bills
  Packers Vs Panthers  Panthers Panthers Packers Packers
  Jets Vs Jaguars Jets Jets Jets Jets
   Rams Vs Vikings Rams Vikings Vikings Vikings
  Redskins Vs Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
  Titans Vs Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints
Raiders Vs Steelers Raiders Steelers Steelers Steelers
 Giants Vs Buccs Giants Buccs Giants  Giants
Falcons Vs 49ers Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons
Broncos Vs Colts Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos
 Eagles Vs Cowboys  Eagles  Eagles  Cowboys  Eagles
Bears Vs Chargers Chargers Chargers Chargers Chargers

Scotch Sporting Lists – Lamest Team Names

Welcome to a new feature on Scotch Sporting; Scotch Sporting Lists

Our first instalment was inspired by this week’s podcast

We happily present you the lamest team names in sports

10 . The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

Nothing strikes fear the hearts of your appoints like an eye catching prism of colours. How do they beat there opponents? With FABULOUSNESS
9. Tulane University’s Green Wave

Like a budge version of the Crimson tide, which itself just missed the cut (as a woman, the Crimson Tide isn’t something we normally cheer for) the Tulane Green Wave make things more confusing with a logo that looks like an angry booger, and a mascot thats a molting bird
8. New Orleans Pelicans

The only major league franchise to make the list, the New Orleans Pelicans name seems worse when you put it against other NBA team names like the Golden State Warriors, The Toronto Raptors and Chicago bulls. And also when you consider there are other birds native to New Orleans with more intimidating reputations like the Nighthawk, the albatross or the golden eagle.

Nope. F*** It! Pelican. Cuz they can scoop sh*t


7. The Amherst College Lord Jeffs

“Lady Von FickleBum, I’d like to meet the distinguished Lord Jeff, along with his brother whom is also Lord Jeff and their son and nephew’s both Also Lord Jeff.”

“Ah yes, the Lord Jeffs”

6. The University of Arkansas at Monticello Boll Weevils

This is a boll weevil. 

They are a sh*tty bug that eats crops. I’m not sure if UAM is trying to be ironic, but I don’t think I’d want to be on a team that was synonymous with infestation, senseless destruction and general annoyance

5. The MIT Engineers

Just the top notch level of creativity one would expect from an MIT


4. Wichita State Shockers

After I’m finished writing this, I’m going straight to Urban Dictionary and looking up the real definiation of a Wichita Shocker


3. Stanford Cardinal

Singular. AN cardinal. And not the bird either, their team name refers to the colour Cardinal. As in “Darling, that cardinal blouse looks abosultelt divine on you”

Also their mascot is a tree. Because #yolo

2. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

As well as being an amazing alliteration, a Chanticleer is just a fancy ass French name for a giant chicken.


1. Tennessee Volunteers

“Here Come the Volunteers

We’re not being paid so we hope you cheer

We hope we win on the field today!

this volunteer work will look great on our resume!”

– Tennesee Volunteers School Song


NFL Fantasy Draft – Backups need lovin’ too

With so many starters being hurt, or just generally being awful (sorry Brian Hoyer, but you ARE also bald…) we thought it was only fair to update our QB rankings

So enjoy the best of the backups!

RANK NAME Why Hottness Rating (Out Of 10)

Michael Vick
Remember when Michael Vick killed a whole bunch of dogs? 0

Luke McCowan
Matt Groening recently revealed the inspiration behind the animation for Cleetus the Slackjawed Yokel. “I’m flattered” Replied McCowan. “My brother Josh is genuinely attractive so its nice to have something to show to my parents and potential suitors.” 1.6

Brendon Weeden
Wasn’t he character killed at the end of the Firefly movie?

He looks more suited to be thanking us for taking the time to listen to his Primerica sales pitch, than a starting QB. Otherwise very average looking.


Ryan Mallet
We find him pretty okay looking. We wouldn’t chew our own arms off in the morning to escape, but we wouldn’t be tagging Jagr style seflies on instagram either. He’s got lovely cheekbones, but in every picture we researched he looks like he was always just finished saying “hey girrrrrrrrrl” 6.7

Jimmy Clausen
Fresh off a Snekkja longship via Tissvassklumptjønnin, Norway, Jimmy Clausen, the Scandinavian Sensation is starting in the place of an injured Jay Cutler. And as far as we know, unlike Cutler, his wife isn’t annoying as hell, so he gets to keep his ranking. 7.2
Matt Cassel


If you ignore his giant mouth, which looks like it could unhinge at any moment and swallow small suckling pig directly off a spit, he’s the best looking of all the backups. A little bit like a younger, buffer Zack Morris.

Sorry ladies. I guess these guys are backups for a reason



NFL Fantasy Draft – The only list matters

Looking for research on who to draft first overall in your NFL Fantasy pool?

You’re on the wrong site

Looking for an in-depth analysis on the looks of all starting QB’s ranked in order of the relative sexiness?  We’ve got you covered. And hopefully them uncovered

RANK NAME Why Hottness Rating (Out Of 10)

Tom Brady

Because just no. and if you are angry about this please get off this webpage


Brian Hoyer
Nope. Bald 0.8

Andy Dalton
Andy Dalton looks like some one who could have been handsome before he was forced to sacrifice his soul to our ginger overlords 2

Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck has a face that could easily have been carved out of a potato.

Or a wheat field


Drew Brees
If Drew Brees were ever to take us out anywhere fancy and he was required to take his helmet off? we might have a problem. 2.8
Ben Roethlisberger


We’re just gonna leave this one alone.. 3

Phillip Rivers
Does anyone remember Citizen Kane when they were forced to watch it in film class? Remember the part when Orson Wells started to age with the help of Makeup and prostectics? Midway through that process, you’d get Phillip Rivers 3.2

Colin Kaepernick
For those familiar with the podcast, we find Colin Kaepernick bares a striking resemblence to a california raisin. Though after watching this video, he’s earned a higher mark for being able to laugh at himself 3.5

Nick Foles
Nick looks less like he should be playing football and more like he should be handing us a beach umbrella and telling us how hot it was today. Also his name should be Thad or Chance 3.7

Carson Palmer
Carson Palmer couldn’t be anything other than american. If you need a date to next weeks Truckasaurus show, we’re sure he’d be excited to take you.

Also could pass for a Brett Farve imposonator at an off strip casino


Teddy Bridgewater
Any man with the balls to pull off a bow tie is the tops in our books. Unfortunatley thats all we’re ogling 4.1

Payton Manning
You know that friend who you can’t actually tell is good looking or not because they’re so nice and you love them so much as a friend? That’s Payton Manning 4.2

Matt Stafford
Great head of hair, but likely already married to his 3rd cousin, Lori 4.8

Jay Cutler
We find Jay Cutler to be like the two faced woman from Seinfield and spent the longest analyzing photos of him. In some he looked like he was suffering for the long term affects of Mono, and others he was literally on the cover of GQ. So we split the difference 5

Jameis Winston
Landing smack dab in the middle is Jameis Winston. We’re struggling with what to say because he’s so generic looking we doubt we’d be able to describe him even if he was standing right in front of us 5.2

Eli Manning
Congratulations on being the better looking Manning brother. But thats like saying congratulations on being the least bovine Kardashian 5.4

Kirk Cousins
We think we acciendtially googled Dave Coulier. That’s embarassing 5.9

Matt Ryan
He’d treat us right and looks like he could help us with our taxes if we needed it. Vegas has the Over/Under on the amount of polos in his drawers at 12 6.3

Blake Bortles
Speaking of the Kardashians, Blake Bortles kinda looks like that guy who was married to the sex tape one for like, 17 days. You could do a lot better Blake 6.7

Joe Flacco
So long as he lets us pluck his unibrown, we wont have a problem here. His steely blue eyes makes up for the fact he has about as much charm as a door stop 6.9

Marcus Mariota
He’s tall dark and handsome, plus we could Winter in Hawaii. We know the football season is during the winter, so Marcus would just have to get used to us being apart 7

Aaron Rogers
Aaron Aaron Aaron…. We’re very biased because we’re just using you to get to Olivia Munn. 7.2

Josh McCown
After coming out of retirement at age 42 to fight Josh McCowan, Rocky Balboa – wait. Crap That’s Dolph Lundgren 7.3

Derek Carr
Though pretty good looking on his own, we’d mostly be dating Derek Carr to get invited to family reunions and make our move on his brother David 7.5

Tyrod Taylor
Great hair, Gorgeous smile, fancy dresser. Currently living in Buffalo? Minus 2 points 7.8

Tony Romo
We feel like Tony Romo must cry a lot and we don’t deal well with emotions 8.1

Ryan Fitzpatrick
Keep your beard long and speak to us in gaelic and we’ll get along just fine. Did we mention he’s Harvard educated and was voted one of the worlds smartest atheletes? 8.2

Alex Smith
Could totally pass for Ryan Gosling if he got us drunk enough first. Buy us a martini and we’ll reenact the notebook. Not the part where the woman dies at the end though (SPOILER). Thats too sad 8.5

Ryan Tannehill
Chisled jaw, piercing blue eyes to match his tourquise jersey? PLUS we’d get to live in Miami? You’ve earned this grade Ryan 8.7

Sam Bradford
Good looking, southern american charm, and a self professed hockey fanatic. We can even overlook the fact he’s a Canucks fan 9

Russell Wilson
A perfect specemin of a human being. Perfect hair and a trusting smile. A little too soft spoken and clearly cant stand up to authority. So he was edged out just slightly by…. 9.9

Cam Newton
That Smile. Those Dimples. That hair

and we look amazing in blue.