#194 – Im sure your mom is a very nice person

Its another conspiracy episode as the gang put-on their tinfoil hats and get ready to start making wild accusations
They point fingers at the Blue Jays for sending Vlad Jr to an unwanted fat camp, and trying to buy off their fans with cheap beers
They question the New York Giants motivation and discuss the useless love story in Draft Day before finally discussing the problematic relationship between Russel Westbrook, Utah and Tyler’s mom

#193 – Its called the worlds oldest profession for a reason

The gang has a lot to catch up on after missing last week
Tay can barely contain her joy when discussing all things Robert Kraft as the guys try and defend his awkward position by making up some chunky smooth facts

They talk Troy Tulowitzki and celebrating a grapefruit game like it was the big show, how Johnny Manziel can’t seem to stop doing the thing, and why the New York Islanders earned the wrath of Sean Avery

#192 – Bunch of Jerks

Chris, Tyler, Tay and Mark pull a gem out of the archives with a brand new (sort of…) edition of Hits or Tits
Think you can tell the difference between XXX videos and Rock Em Sock Em Hockey? it might be harder than you think
They also keep dive on goal songs, minor league hockey and why in spite of Don Cherry’s senile protesting, the NHL might be finally getting fun

All that plus the already troubled AAF, TFC losing to Panama and Bryce Harper wanting Benjamins

#191 – The opposite of kicking, is not kicking

Chris Mark and Tay bring you a belated valentines day edition of scotch sporting
Join them for a romantic discussion about why the city of Cleveland is the god damn worst, give helpful advice on how not to kick people, and assist young men everywhere in achieving their goals in the world by being assholes

They deep dive into Chris Bosh’s comments with some mixed reviews on how annoying it is to travel

Chris fills everyone in on CFL free agency and how his dream of a decimated Ottawa might finally come true

Grab that special some one and get down to this podcast

#190 – The Chuck Howley Tribute Hour

Join the Scotch Sporting gang as they pay tribute to Super Bowl MVP, Chuck Howley. Because the actual game itself was so boring they had to talk about literally anything else.

They finlly get their answer to the sizable amounts of poo Maroon 5 sucked, how many times they bleeped Travis Scott and where specifically the gun was that was pointed at Big Boi

They recap the NFL season that was, look forward to specifially Nick Foles’ future and wonder where The Brow will take flight

#189 – Measuring a man

The gang debates the best way to quantify the measure of a man, as they make all their predictions for Super Bowl LIII
Such as who will be named MVP, Will Ndamukong Suh thank himself? and revisiting yet again how much Maroon 5 will epically suck

Tyler tries to deal with the real time breaking news of losing Giovinco and Tay Mark and Chris discuss how Anthony Davis and his unibrow would look in a raptors uniform

#187 – The Professional Football League

Tay begins this weeks podcast with a PSA aimed at helping straight men be more supportive to women before the gang dived into sports
They talk Roy Halladay’s Hall of Fame induction, sad he won’t be going in as a Blue Jay.
The also recap the AFC and NFC finals lamenting yet again why humanity can’t admit defeat and welcome our robot overlords

#186 – If you’re a sports fan and a 9/11 conspiracy theorist

Finally, the Scotch Sporting episode everyone’s been waiting for. What do Moon Landing deniers, 9/11 Conspiracy theorists and Eugenie Bouchard all have in common? They all get discussed on this week’s podcast
Join Tay, Mark and Chris as they fall deep into the rabbit hole. Exploring mind boggling questions such as how much would you pay Nick Foles? Was the Double Doink actually a tip? and what actually is the difference between catholicism and mormonism?
Find out all the answers to life mysteries on this weeks pod!

Maroon 5 is going to suck harder than Coldplay; and other predictions for 2019

Its the annual Prognostication episode! The gang is back from holidays and ready to kick off the year with predictions of everything that will happen in 2019. Their predictions are based on zero facts or inside knowledge of any kind, and instead made mostly from gut, desire and a little bit of spite.

What record level of suck will be reached by Maroon 5 at this years Super Bowl halftime show hit? Between Mark and Chris who is paying for steak? Will the new Schooners logo just be a giant dime? Will Phillip Rivers be nursing his 9th child with his MVP trophy

Tune in to listen, and then probably bet on literally the opposite of what we said.

Nick Foles is the Super Bowl MVP: The 2018 Prognostication recap Spectacular

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Every year the Scotch Sporting gang gets together and tries to predict what will happen in the year ahead
and every year Chris is wrong about most of the things
A New year meant new questions, and Tay hosts Mark, Chris and Tyler as they go over everything they thought might happen in 2018 and why they shouldn’t be hosting a sports podcast..
Johnny Football for sure sitting out the year? N SYNC at the super bowl? Josh Donaldson retiring as Blue Jay?
Join the SS team as they cheers to the dumpster fire that was 2018