#185 – How low is Tulo?

Mark and Tay are joined by a special guest who decides to finally sit closer to the mic instead just yelling in the background
In the last regular episode before the holidays, they talk about winter meetings, finally getting rid of Tulo and how Toronto’s overall lack of racism might lead to do a Kevin Durant signing.
They take a deep dive into what type of fan they are with Tay and dave taking the bird in the hand and Mark chasing instead to go duck hunting
They wrap up 2018 with a preview of the upcoming prediction episode and their wishes for Kareem Hunts Future

#184 – No Touchy

Tay, Mark and Chris Butt fumble their way into this weeks podcast. They go through a long list of quarter backs who currently have a job who are not named Colin Kaepernick. Touching on the long storied careers of future hall of famers T.J. Yates, Josh Johnson and the ass man himself, Mark Sanchez.

They also have sound advice for anyone currently playing in the NFL to help them avoid legal troubles; When in Doubt, No Touchy!

All that plus analyzing NHLs most valuable franchises, AAFL’s chances at success and some last minute CFL news

#183 – ….is that racist?

Tay, Chris, Mark and Tyler are back to recap the Grey Cup. They talk all things Canadianity including the hilarious slip and slide field conditions where the game could very well have been set to Yakkity saks, a second half that could have put anyone to sleep and Alessia Cara’s solid halftime show made confusing by having backup skaters. 

They also talk NFL and celebrate 2 full days without an arrest, mourn Andy Dalton our Ginger Overlord and wonder how many more innocent lives Blake Bortles will ruin. 

#182 – Troy Aikman likes men

Tay, Chris and Mark get together to talk Grey Cup predictions and recap the year in the CFL. They discuss hardware vs dominance and how much you’d need to be satisfied 

They talk NFL and just how great scoring actually is, infighting in basketball and why Kevin Durant might in fact be little b*tch 

All that plus the Edmonton Oilers pulling from the same coaching pool of 34 old white men, how Butt Fumble has a starting job and why the estate of Troy Aikman might sue the podcast 

#181 – Mark was dead the whole time

After a week off Tay is back to discuss all the details of her Las Vegas trip and why it might be the geographical equivalent of a strip mall. 

The gang discusses a new possible Jersey foul, what happens when your franchise player is actually your coach and how you must feel as a Vegas fan knowing the team your getting is a steam engine of suck

Chris Tay and Mark also recap the first round of CFL playoffs and make their predictions for the finals. Chris hedges his bets and Mark goes all in

All that plus NFL week 10 recap, NHL news and a shocking twist you won’t believe (except its actually in the title…) 

#180 – Let me teach you about how to plug a hole

Chris, Tay, Tyler and Mark struggle to stay awake when recapping the World Series and are thankful the Dodgers and Red Sox didn’t make it last too long 

With the Reports still allowing 100+ points a game, and the Golden State Warriors continuing to be ridiculous, the gang takes a deep dive into high scores. With Hockey, football, and basketball all making it easier run up the points total does that actually make the game more fun? All we know is Chris loves to score! 

That deep dive plus CFL news, checking in on is Gruden Gone Yet and confirming just how much of a nerd mark truly is 

#179 – Its time to play Guess That Felony!

Its a podcast full of rabbit holes as the gang compares the completion percentage of Nathan Peterman and Derek Anderson to Colin Kaepernick and wonders how the collective Bills can sleep at night. They also try and analyze Jon Grudens record and how he only has a job again because TV told Oakland to hire him 

Tay Mark and Tyler then play a rousing round of Guess That Arrest Record. While discussing Chad Kelly, they fall down the deepest rabbit hole yet, exploring the various crimes of the NFL

#178 – We had great sausage

After a week away the gang is back! tay talks about her adventures in Philadelphia, Mark hasn’t worn pants in days and Chris continues to shrink down to nothingness 

With the Raptors kicking off their anticipated season the gang discusses how its right to have hope. They chat why this might actually, fingers crossed no jinxies be the year for the leafs and why weed might draw some super stars to Toronto (looking at you Josh Gordon*) 

All that plus MORE cfl, why Eagles fans are the worst god damn people on the planet and a plea for a soda stream sponsorship 

*Josh Gordan was misidentified in the podcast as Josh Norman. Our apologies to him. if he happens to listen to this podcast

#177 – Tavaras My Marners?

With puck drop on a new hockey season, Mark has to join the gang later as his hands are otherwise occupied. He’s already planning the parade as Chris simulates his path to Victory. Tyler assists with a concern over Patrick Marleau’s looks and Tay stops checking the scores. 

With the gang back together they talk CFL news, top fantasy team names and which group of fans has it worse. 

There is a new Jersey foul question posed to the group; when a shirt gets an autograph, is it now no longer a shirt? tune in for the answers! 

#176 – Do you want to not Podcast and just watch Con Air?

With Mark and Tay left alone they struggle to stay on topic as they get distracted by one of the greatest movies of all time, Nicolas Cage Gem, Con Air. 

They eventually right the ship and have a whirlwind podcast, talking about everything from Big Ben’s #metoo time, Tiger Woods’ win, John Gibbon’s triumphant departure and week 3678 of the Johnny Manziel watch

Mark, Tay and the peanut gallery also come together to create a new set of rules, How to Name Your Fantasy Team. Anyone named Everyday Im Byfuglien? This one is for you