#175 – Campeones cup, the CFL and other made up things

Tay, Tyler and mark are back this week to try and figure out if Campeones cup is actually Spanish and attempt to find out why on earth TFC agreed to participate in an openly made up game

They turn their eyes to the CFL where Johnny football gets the start again as Mark realizes he’s a TiCats curse 

With week 2 in the NFL being a bad week for kickers and people who like sports not ending in a tie, the gang talks about options for making sure a winner is always declared. 

#174 – My Manhood was Long Gone

The gang breaks down a wild week one in the NFL, discussing the magic of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard, the Browns historically amazing start achieved merely by not losing, and Chris’ major issues with the LA rams colour scheme that must be linked to some childhood trauma 

As the CFL heads towards playoffs Tay dreams about an all west final and Chris admits defeat with the TiCats 

All that plus a Johnny Manziel conspiracy, hypocrisy in tennis and remembering hockey exists…. 

#173 – Is there anything worse than the StubHub Center?

On the eve of the NFL season the gang gets together to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!  Tay finishes her draft live on air, as Mark Chris and Tyler help her decide what kicker to draft. 

The go over their early predictions for super bowl champs, who will be scraping the bottom of the division and why the Browns might be not the worst team ever. (looking at you Buffalo) 

They debate what stadium as the worst name, discuss if Johnny Football doomed to ride the bench and come up with a time limit on a jersey foul 

#172 – Sometimes a sideboob is A-okay

With Tyler back after a short hiatus, the gang discusses the mortality of sports, tennis etiquette and debates the true merits of a boob. 

They chat mixed feelings about the imminent departure of Josh Donaldson and spend time trying to find where Brett Lawrie is now. 

With the NFL season around the corner, Tay, Mark Chris and Tyler run through a list of stars, ranking them as over rated, under rated or just plain rated to help with all your fantasy football needs! 

JK, please don’t use this list for any actual gambling purposes….

#171 – Jim Edmonds vs Andruw Jones

Its Wing it Wednesdays as the gang talks Blue Jays, Zach Collaros and Fantasy football. They dive deep into a New Jersey Foul rule, setting strict parameters around wearing a t-shirt. Chris updates on his Keto diet as Mark explains the joys of Pork Rinds. Tay admits her dark secret which causes a big stir from the Peanut Gallery 

#170 – Christian Family Stay With Your Wife.com

With Tiger Woods finishing second at the recent PGA championships and seemingly back on track to dominate, Chris Mark and Tay wonder if his past scandals would have the same impact today. Would sleeping with a dump truck full of women really bother Gatorade execs in 2018?

They check in on Johnny Manziel’s performance in game two, and put on their tin foil hats to dive deep into concussion conspiracy 

All that plus trotting out old blue jays, Rogers cup recap and why friend of the podcast Jesse might never be allowed back in Buffalo 

#169 – What is the Plural of RBI?

The gang stumbles upon a philosophical thought for the ages; What Is the Plural of RBI? Is it RsBI? RBIs? Is it just Deer?  

While becoming one with the land in order to solve this, they also dive deep into Johnny Mazniel’s debut. discussing his mind blowing(ly bad) stat line, how he’ll fare in game two and why his disastrous start might have just been destiny 

They also talk Our Lord and Saviour Vlad Jr, Gibbons imminent canning and add a new Jersey Rule to the archives!

#168 – Try not to be an asshole

Tay Mark and Chris are back to offer some helpful advice to major league baseball players; try not to be a racist asshole. And if you INSIST on being a racist asshole, at the very least don’t write it down in a forum that will live forever

They recap the MLB trade deadline which was *borat voice* very excite! seeing a fire sale from the blue jays, the yankees securing the World Series and Tay no longer worrying about supporting Osuna

With Johnny Manziel set to start Chris explains why its in the best interest of the CFL for him to be successful and how hiding an injury might not be the best way to go

#167 – Ive heard if they’re from different area codes it doesn’t count

The gang debates the validity of noted poet, Ludacris and how Pimpin all over the World might not be the best strategy for a married baseball player.
They also talk all things Johnny Football. With one of the most major trades in CFL history going down, they analyze what this means for Montreal, did Hamilton have this planned the whole time, and how quickly will we see Manziel in blues?
Chris changes his tune yet again, happy to see the back end of Johnny and embracing retoric of the Ticats Front Office

#166 – Urinal vs Toilet?

With Tay in Calgary she and Mark have a late night chat about the Raptors, Loyalty and the lopsided NBA.
Chris joins part way in and the podcast quickly goes off the rails with a frank discussion over bathroom receptacle preference and just how far back you need too stand to make it fun

They get back on track discussing how to get over a player when they leave your city and being able to believe in love again

They talk T.O. in the CFL, records vs wins and pay tribute to the best goalie fighter to ever mind the crease