#211 – I thought it was only if it was AN brown eye

Chris Mark and Tay are back to lament about the lack of personalities in the MLB. With Player week upon us, they discuss the best and the worst nicknames before getting into a heated debate about the meaning of Max Scherzer’s big brown eye

They analyse Tay’s fantasy football team and pick her keepers for the season, talk the latest CFL news and think of all the things Genie Bouchard could be doing instead of tennis

#210 – Is Bo Bichette pretty?

with at least 2-3 years to wait before they can be Jays fans again, Tay Mark Chris and Tyler try and answer all the burning questions from this weeks trade deadline such as was Stroman ever actually a thing? is Aaron Sanchez a low budget Strasburg? Can you help Tays mom to decide if Bo Bichette is pretty?

All that plus season changing CFL news, more trade deadline ball and this weeks David Clarkson update

#209 – Say Uncle

Tay Mark Chris and Tyler are back for a grab bag week from sports
they talk everyones favourite creepy uncle screwing over the entire country of Canada.

They dive deep into the block buster trade for David Clarkson welcoming him back as a major piece of the Toronto Maple Leafs

they also talk Blue Jays and #rip Marcus Stroman.

All that plus CFl, The Open and more!

#208 – I was more concerned about my nuts

Tay Mark and Chris are back this week to recap the all star game, Kawhi Watch ending, Wimbledon and more
Tay spends the first half of the podcast trying to make amends to the city of Hamilton as they talk about their Scotch Sporting day at the TiCats game. They talk cowbells, craft beer, marks love of sweet nuts and everything in between

they also touch on a robot take over, the future of the Raptors and changes to the home run derby

#207 – The Hamilton Ticats will go 4-0

Tay Chris and Mark talk free agency frenzy as the world waits on Kawhi to make up his god damn mind so everyone can move on with their lives.
They talk week 3 of the CFL as Mark and Chris finally have a reason to believe in love again and Tay announces her travel plans to Regina
Finally the gang discusses the blue jays, giving up on Aaron Sanchez and remembering the great all star, Steve Delabar

#206 – Now im not saying all soccer players are nazis….

Mark Chris and Tay are back this week to begin the endless debate about how hot Kawhi Leonard’s summer will be, why Toronto might finally be a coveted destination and why parade people might be a little bit racist

Tay compares the Toronto Blue Jays to shoe makers and wonders why were being asked to shell out for an inferior product, and Mark and Chris break down week two of the CFL

The gang also discusses the women’s World Cup, White House visits and they get a special visit from a surprise guest!

#204 – Those are bigger men, might have to two hand that one

in a special early record of Scotch Sporting, Mark shocks the gang with just how far he’d go to assure Toronto of a Raptors victory. Tay has some questions about how bad mark wants this and
Chris shows no concern for his friends well being

Recorded before the Stanley Cup game 7, Tay hopes for the best and predicts a Bruins win, but prepares her heart for defeat. They talk visiting the White House, Tim Thomas’ wacky politics and how not to destroy a child’s dream

#203 – Its my Internet.

The gang is all back together to celebrate Canada’s team finally making it to the NBA Finals.
They talk about their game day rituals, with Mark disowning his brother, Tyler becoming a hermit and Tay missing most of the finals to try and ensure a Raptors win

They discusses the NHL finals, and with a Chara-less Bruins team are they still able to rip away the dreams of a little girl?

Tay and Tyler have at it over inappropriate clothing, Mr Peanut issues a challenge to listeners and Chris gives everyone an update on the Scooners

#202 – A pig in a mini skirt

With Tay back from vacation and fresh off a bruins sweep she tells the boys all about Carolina and why its sexist to literally put lipstick on a pig

They gang deep dives into offensive fandom and small market teams and why it sometimes sucks to be a minority

They also talk Raptors and how much free stuff does Kawhi need to stay, Blue jays and fan service and a quick mid year check in on their 2019 predictions