Scotch Sporting Superbowl Predictions


Play along with us during Super Bowl 50!

We have spreads, props and lots about Coldplay




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 Who Many times with Peyton say “Omaha” (o/U 27.5)  Over  Over  Over  Over  Over  Over
 Will the Coin Flip be Heads or Tails  Heads Tails  Tails  Heads  Tails Heads
 Who will Score First and What will it Be?  Panthers FG  Broncos FG PanthersTD  Panthers TD  Broncos FG Panthers TD
 Will there be a Safety?  No   No   No  Yes   No   No
 Who will be Named MVP?  Peyton  Peyton  Peyton  Cam Newton Jonathan Stewart  Cam Newton
 How Many Rushing Yards will Cam Get? (o/u 37.5)  Over  Over  Under  Over  Over   Over
 How Many Rushing Yards will Peyton Get? (o/u 5.5)  Over  Under  Under  Over  Under  Under
 How often will the announcers mention Dab or Dabbing (o/u 5.5)  Under  Under  Under Over  Under  Under
 What Colour will the Gatoraide Shower Be? Orange  Orange  Orange  Purple  Blue  Orange
 How Long will the Anthem be? (o/u 1 minute 50 seconds)  Under Over  Under  Over  Over  Over
 What Will the Last Scoring Play Be?  Broncos TD (With Peyton Rushing it In)  Broncos FG  Broncos FG  Panthers TD  Panthers TD  Broncos FG
 What will the First Flag Be?  Offside on Denver  Offensive Holding on Panthers  False Start on the Panthers  Offensive Holding on Denver
Will there be a Pick 6?  Yes against Denver  No Yes against Denver  Yes against Denver  Yes against Denver  No
 Who will commit the first Fumble  Cam No One  No One  Devon Funchess  CJ Anderson  Broncos
 Will there be a roughing the passer  No  No  No  Yes on Cam  Yes on Both  No
 Will we see Brock Lobster in the Game?  No  No  No  No  No  No
 Will we see Brock Lobster getting ready to go in the game?  Yes  No  No  No  Yes  No
 Will we see an injury?  Yes on Random Lineman #2  No  No  No  Yes on Thomas Davis  Yes on Sanders
 What will the result be of the first Challenge Confirmed  Call Reversed  There won be one  overturned  Confirmed  Overturned
 If Cam Newton Wins MVP, will he DAB with the trophy? Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 Will Phil Simms wear a Suit and Tie, or Sweater?  Suit and Tie  Suit and Tie  Suit and Tie  Sweater  Suit and Tie, its Prime time Baby!  Sweater
 Will Jim Nantz wear a tie? Yes Yes  Yes  No  Yes  No
 Who will the MVP Thank First  Team mates  Team mates  Team mates  Team mates  God/Jesus  Team mates
 How Long post Superbowl will Peyton announce his retirement? (o/u 2 months)  Under  Under Over Under  Under  Over
 How Many times will there be a Left Shark mention? (o/u 2.5)  Under  Under  Under  Over  Under  Under
 Will we see the Left Shark during the halftime show? No  No  No  Yes  No  No
 What will be Coldplay’s Opening Song?  Clocks Viva La Vida  Viva La Vida  Clocks  Viva La Vida  Viva La Vida
 How many songs will Beyonce perform?  1  1  1  2  3  1
 Will Beyonce perform solo or duet or only? Duet  Duet  Duet  Solo  Solo  Duet
How Many Songs will Bruno Mars perform?  1  1  1  1  3  2
 Will there be any other guest performers? No  No  No  Yes  No  No
 Will Coldplay play one of their (many) downer songs?  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  No Yes
 What Percentage will be new songs?  20  10  50  25  33.33333  40
 Will Chris Martin be wearing a hat? No  No No  No  Yes  No
 Will we see dancing Gorillas?  Yes  Yes  No  Yes  No  No
 What will be the difference in score?  4  2  4  17  15  14
 What will be the points total?  52  38  44  59  41  44
 WHO WILL WIN SUPERBOWL 50  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Panthers  Panthers  Panthers


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