Perv of The Week – Theo Epstein

Its nice not to have to chose between brains and brawn when we can have both

This week we honour the ageless Theo Epstein who like some kind of hot exorcist  has now banished two major sports curses. Seen here having a Simcha with Chicago native Bill Murray, Epstein  turned around the Red Sox franchise and then moved on to the cubs where he helped end the 108 year draught last night with a dramatic game 7 win.

He’s a Yale graduate and a doctor of law (a lawyer and a Doctor Ma!), and with his boyish good looks he’s like the math nerd in romantic comedies who takes off his glasses and you realize he’s been secretly hot this whole time

So while some are celebrating the men may have physically played  the game, we honour the man and the negotiating table, and some one who we wouldn’t mind getting between the (stats) sheets with.

Mazel Tov Theo

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