Perv of the Week – Marquette King

In a morning where we could all use some lightness its the perfect time to honour our Perv of the week, Marquette King, Punter for the Oakland Raiders

In a football hierarchy where Punter ranks just above Marshall, the guy who mixes the gatorade powder into the big jugs of water, and just above the Long Snapper (looking at you John Dorenbos) the punter doesn’t get a lot of love on or off the field. You don’t see a lot of kids arguing over punter stats or trading kicker rookie cards. After all, the punter is not even the guy who kicks the field goal. Their soul purpose on the the team is to thwack the ball in the general direction of the other guys. So there isn’t a lot to celebrate. (story of the world this morning…)

But Marquette King is here to change that. Establishing himself as one of the best ball thwackers in the league this season, he dropped a beautiful punt just inside the 10 yard line during the 3rd quarter of sunday’s game vs Denver. He hopped on his imaginary pony and rode it off into our hearts.

This wasnt the first time he’s celebrated. The month before he celebrating by mimicking Ray Lewis (His dancing that is. He didn’t mimic the time Ray Lewis killed a guy)


In a league, and a world, where we’re all struggling to find the fun, fewer people are enjoying themselves more than Marquette King. Teaching is that no matter what happens, celebrate the little things, and keep on dancing

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