#138 – Thats what killing a dude gets you

The gang gets political when discussing the troll war that the world was praying for, as everyones favourite dad, Lavar Ball goes toe to toe with the President of the United States in a battle of wits where both of them are unarmed.

They also talk soccer as Tyler patiently explains how the MLS playoff works for easily the 12th time in Scotch Sporting history, as Chris, Tay and Mark come up with an alternate schedule that doesn’t use the words “On Aggregate”

With the 105th Grey Cup a few days away they make their predictions and  discuss why Jason Maas might have just out Pete Carroll’ed Pete Carroll with the worst coaching decision of all time 

They also talk Jerry Jones, why Mrs Price needs to leave Montreal, and Is Aaron Hernandez the Ray Lewis of killing people?


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