#218 – Im a Professional

Professional Podcasters, Tay Mark and Chris are back with another super serious, business minded podcast
Between breaks in video gaming the game breaks down this week in sports, including puck drop on the new season of the NHL, best gambling practises and where helmet on helmet hits rank in terms of beating woman and smoking weed

#217 – Weight loss your way to happiness

Chris Mark and Tay dive into week 3 of the Antonio Brown drama and wonder what was the breaking point for Belichick
Tay gives a history lesson on the most woke teams in the NFL and how shockingly recent the Patriots had a quarterback of colour

They wrap up a snooze fest of a Blue Jays season and place bets on who stays in uniform in 2020

they give a CFL recap and Chris explains why he actually believes in Hamilton this year

#216 – In Loving Memory of Jeff Frye

Chris Mark and Tay make a couple of false starts before finally getting this podcast right

They talk week 2 in the NFL and the great american quaterback migration. With Big Ben and Drew Brees going down and Eli just being Eli, the gang chats the future of the NFL and if Gardner Minshew is the next Superstar

Tays love of fitzmagic hurts her gambling as mark lives to fight another week in survivor.

All that plus Blue Jays Trivia, another post season without Mike Trout and does anyone remeber Jeff Frye?

215 – Hype is ever more bigger

A delayed podcast but worth the wait

Mark and Tay break down week one of the NFL with a little help from the Peanut Gallery in the background.

They talk derailing the Browns Hype Train, if Fitzmagic can save the tire fire that is the Miami Dolphons, and dive deep into RG3’s draft class.

All that plus eternal baseball games, Tays dad swearing, and the debut of a new segment called Kut’s Kutz

#214 – Skinny Gronk

Chris Mark and Tay celebrate Tay’s birthday by getting Hype for the kick off of the NFL season

They make bold predictions like will a now Skinny Gronk suit up this season? How many games will AB actually play? and will the Patriots win their 78909 Super Bowl in a Row?

All that plus CFL Labour Day classic recap, Blue Jays ownership and Hockey RFA signings

#213 – gave her the flea flicker

Chris Mark and Tay are back this week to talk rampant performance enhancing drugs in baseball but not necessarily the ones that let you hit dingers
They discuss the return of Josh Donaldson and if the bring of rain causes mark to break his jersey rule
All that plus some CFL news, Andrew Luck’s running out and Mark helps out with the some new tinfoil

#212 – The new york yankees faked the moon landing

With Tay and Chris being left alone, they are able to dive deep down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories
They start by yelling at each other about what is and isnt acceptable baseball antics, and deciding if Victory is just as sweet even if its via default
They then grab their tinfoil and craft hats around a new Yankee Conspiracy . Do the yankees cheat and cover it up? How deep does this brand new made up theory go?
At least the length of this episode….

#211 – I thought it was only if it was AN brown eye

Chris Mark and Tay are back to lament about the lack of personalities in the MLB. With Player week upon us, they discuss the best and the worst nicknames before getting into a heated debate about the meaning of Max Scherzer’s big brown eye

They analyse Tay’s fantasy football team and pick her keepers for the season, talk the latest CFL news and think of all the things Genie Bouchard could be doing instead of tennis

#210 – Is Bo Bichette pretty?

with at least 2-3 years to wait before they can be Jays fans again, Tay Mark Chris and Tyler try and answer all the burning questions from this weeks trade deadline such as was Stroman ever actually a thing? is Aaron Sanchez a low budget Strasburg? Can you help Tays mom to decide if Bo Bichette is pretty?

All that plus season changing CFL news, more trade deadline ball and this weeks David Clarkson update

#209 – Say Uncle

Tay Mark Chris and Tyler are back for a grab bag week from sports
they talk everyones favourite creepy uncle screwing over the entire country of Canada.

They dive deep into the block buster trade for David Clarkson welcoming him back as a major piece of the Toronto Maple Leafs

they also talk Blue Jays and #rip Marcus Stroman.

All that plus CFl, The Open and more!