#149 – with apologies to every woman ever

March 15th, 2018 by

The gang is back to break down March Madness for the listeners. And by break down, Tays discusses the historical significance of a “Hokie”, how many dogs UMBC has gone through and why ‘Merica loves them guns so good.

Tyler is on hand to answer all of Chris and Marks questions about how TFC can lose but also still somehow win, as they discuss the data behind home field advantage

All that plus Chris takes time to make amends to every woman who ever existed!

#148 – It came out both ends

March 8th, 2018 by

Chris is back from his debilitating sickness and reminds the listeners why having kids is a terrible idea at any time.
With his return, the gang gets back to struggling to understand soccer and deep dive into what is the ideal length of a professional sports season.

They talk NFL and why Kirk Cousins is right to give zero shits, and discuss why NBA teams should be able to tank if they want too

All that plus Blue Jays spring training and finding a way to gamble on injuries

#147 – Its not pronounced “Edgar Allan Pooey”

March 1st, 2018 by

The gang is back after suffering from the Black Death to close out the Pyeongchang Olympics
Tay wonders without hockey golds or curling medals can these Olympics truly be considered a success?
The gang also argues the benefit of doing drugs and curling, and what is the perfect gym routine for ski jumping?

Tyler goes back to basics teaching Tay and Mark soccer 101 including what the CONCACAF stands for

All that plus Fergie’s jazzy athem, NHL trade deadline and football catches!

#146 – The Todd Bertuzzi of Curling

February 15th, 2018 by

Looking to make valentines day last a little longer? Join the Scotch Sporting gang as they talk unsolicited dick pics, romantic gestures and getting it on to the sounds of their own voices

Fear not, the episode isn’t all hearts and flowers as they talk all things olympics including how one trains for skeleton racing, just how silly is team figure skating, and what makes a good Olympic bullet

All that plus NHL standings, Johnny’s comeback SZN and a brief tribute to Jerry Howarth (RIP)

#145 – We’re going to Finger Guns our way in!

February 8th, 2018 by

The gang is still recovering from their weekend hangovers, and learning how to wake up in a world every morning where the phrase “Nick Foles is a Super Bowl MVP” is a true sentence

Katie uses Tom’s five previous trophies to wipe away her tears as the gang gets into a debate about the proper way to drink out of the Lombardi trophy, and learn what material its made from

Marks recall for stats continues to amaze, and Tay wonders how long the ghost of Prince will haunt Justin Timberlake

Glory be god, this is a great episode.

#144 – Im sorry, Did you say you like black hawks?

February 1st, 2018 by

The gang makes their official Superbowl Predictions, wondering how to decide between the shit vs diarrhea that will be the upcoming weekend. Will Tom cement himself as the GOAT or will another farm animal have something to say about it the form of Nick TinyHorse

They then delve deep into the waters where white middle class people probably shouldn’t go, the exciting world of culture appropriation! What professional sports team with a racial slur for a mascot or team name is okay? The Scotch Sporting gang is here to figure it out!

They also talk poor Kirk Cousins, the XFL and Johnny Manziel’s comeback SZN!

#143 – Triumphant self pleasure

January 25th, 2018 by

The gang chats about the AFC and NFC championships, putting on their tin foil hats to discuss the great Patriots Conspiracy. Is Tom Brady actually that good? Or is it the more logical explanation of a deep state conspiracy? They also talk about Eagles fans, greased up lamp posts, and why Katie switched shirts

The gang goes deep into their research this week, trying to figure out if Randal Grichuk is good looking, and which is a better state of mind to be in for self pleasure, triumph or depression?

Find out on this weeks Pod!

#142 – You should really buy this shirt

January 18th, 2018 by

The gang is back with their first regular episode of 2018!
They recap the miracle in Minnesota and discuss why Tay might not have a need for viagra for a while

The gang delves deep into the rules of superstition, still blaming Mark for the Falcons collapse, as Katie wonders if the power of the jinx might lie within her.

They talk Blue Jays getting older, the oilers getting dumber and Eugenie Bouchard actually doing something

All that plus you should really buy this shirt.

Johnny Manziel is for sure winning a Grey cup and other 2018 predictions

January 11th, 2018 by

Its the Scotch Sporting Annual Prognostication Episode!
Join the gang as they make all of the bold predictions for the upcoming year
Want to know what to expect in 2018? Well Tay, Tyler, Katie, Mark, Chris and Mr Peanut have no f&*^ing clue. But that doesn’t stop them from guessing the answers to burning questions like

Will Johnny Manziel lead the Ticats to a Grey Cup?
Is Joey Bats next in line for the broadcast booth?
Will Canada win literally every possible skiing gold medal?

The Scotch Sporting gang might not have a high success rate for their predictions, but they sure are passionate about Tom Brady’s hair.

Check Back here for a summary of our predictions!

#141 – Edwin Encarnacion will Do Okay, and other things we were wrong about this year

December 21st, 2017 by

Its Scotch Sporting’s 2017 Prognostication Round Up!

This week we go back to our 2017 predictions and emphasize why you should never use this podcast for gambling purposes of any kind. Mostly because we’re super wrong about numerous things

The gang looks back on their off the mark predictions, such as The Weeknd playing the super bowl halftime show, Tom Brady getting seriously injured and whatever “Larson” means

They go off the rails when they talk about Christmas, the bachelor and why Hamilton didn’t deserve the grey cup

Its the last Pod of 2017!

#140 – Touched by Pilsner

December 14th, 2017 by

The gang is joined this week by a a special French Canadian guest, Top Shelf Podcast host Joel Potvin

Joel joins to talk all things hockey, including why Salary caps make things more interesting, how his loyalties were tested when Ottawa got a team and how he might just be the ultimate band wagoner. He quickly learns what happens when you We Bomb and causes a philosophical quandary for Mark.

Tyler recaps his time at the TFC game and how he had 2 beers, and only one was on purpose.


All that plus NFL round up, and the Great Giancarlo Conspiracy rages on

#139 – A scale of Tom Brady’s

December 8th, 2017 by

The gang is back after missing a week. They analyze  the Grey Cup and discuss what they thought of Shania’s new look. Katie and Tyler recap their time at the TFC game as Tay realizes she has an entirely different experience than the one they did as hers involved wine.

They chat the recent surge in NFL suspensions, and come up with a new unit of measurement, How Many Tom Brady’s will that cost you?


All that, plus the possible sale of the Blue Jays, who is now the most bald on the team now that Ryan Goins is gone, and how they vow to never again speak the name L**** B***.

#138 – Thats what killing a dude gets you

November 24th, 2017 by

The gang gets political when discussing the troll war that the world was praying for, as everyones favourite dad, Lavar Ball goes toe to toe with the President of the United States in a battle of wits where both of them are unarmed.

They also talk soccer as Tyler patiently explains how the MLS playoff works for easily the 12th time in Scotch Sporting history, as Chris, Tay and Mark come up with an alternate schedule that doesn’t use the words “On Aggregate”

With the 105th Grey Cup a few days away they make their predictions and  discuss why Jason Maas might have just out Pete Carroll’ed Pete Carroll with the worst coaching decision of all time 

They also talk Jerry Jones, why Mrs Price needs to leave Montreal, and Is Aaron Hernandez the Ray Lewis of killing people?


#137 – Italy is the Texas Rangers of countries

November 16th, 2017 by

After they fail to make the world cup for the first time in almost 60 years, the gang debates if team Italy is more like the New York Yankees or closer to the Texas Rangers

Not to be outdone by a baseball analogy Chris tries to argue that Russell Wilson is just like a drunk driver and the Seattle Seahawks are the bartenders who oversereved. Tay thinks Russel is more like that car, while Mark and Tyler struggle to take sides.

All that plus a CFL playoff recap,celebrating the fact Toronto finally sold tickets without having to incentivize with pizza!

#136 – The CFL needs aggregate scoring

November 9th, 2017 by

The gang starts this week’s podcast on a somber not, as they pay tribute to Blue Jays legend, and possible Greatest Of All Time, Roy Halladay. The reminisce about what he meant to the fans and how he was the bright hope when the only other guys to cheer for were Reed Johnson and Joe Inglett.

Not wanting to focus on the sadness, the gang moves on to talk TFC where Chris is finally starting to understand aggregate scoring.

It all goes south though when Tay suggests a novel solution for the CFL playoffs and Mark, Tyler and Tay have to finish the podcast with a man down.

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