Cinematic Inquisition

Join the guys each week as they discuss the things going on in the world of movies, from trailers to casting. We like to think we know everything so we make bets on what the #1 movie will be at the Box Office each weekend and we are usually wrong. We also take it upon ourselves to discuss a movies in depth in our After Credits show. Join the conversation and let us know what your thoughts are and what movie we should tackle next!

BOTI Podcast

A couple of average Canadian chatting up a storm all about one of our favourite shows! Yup that's right Doctor Who! Come take a listen as we review a new Doctor Who episode on each show. Tell us what you think of the episodes and which ones we should go back and rewatch!

Interactive XP

A weekly podcast where a bunch of dudes talk about their interactive experiences and their love for videogames.

Late Late HoloNet

Another Star Wars Podcast hosted by Grand Moff Taylor and General Hoskin. Join us as we chat about everything Star Wars


Join us after every episode as we discuss the latest episode of WestWorld in depth, plus a few tangents. We will discuss everything that has happened and might happen. Oh and we will definitely be talking spoilers and fan theories! You have been warned

Scotch Sporting

Scotch Sporting is a weekly comedy show for people that love to follow sports but not necessarily the games. We get drunk and yell at each other but will occasionally toss in a fact or two for good measure.
Winner of the 2016 Director Award and Show of the Year on the LEEIB Sports Network

Super Boob Tube Dudes

We are a couple of dudes who love watching tv. Mostly comic book related but some other stuff too! Come check out our podcast!