Super Boob Tube Dudes


Super Boob Tube Dudes is a weekly spoiler filled, superhero television show themed podcast hosted by Dante and Tyler (The Dudes). Each episode they discuss and review the superhero tv shows airing today and occasionally chat about news and movies. After each season of a superhero show, the hosts score/grade that season out of 100. Join us some time!

Channel 112 – HE IS COMING!

Full week of CW shows to chat about and things are really kicking up. #Supergirl episode 100, #Flash #BlackLightning #Batwoman #LegendsOfTomorrow

Channel 111 – Out of Markovia

The Dudes are back after a week off which ends up meaning its been 2 weeks since we last talked. Yay MATH! As usual #Supergirl #Batwoman #BlackLightning #Flash and #LegendsOfTomorrow