Super Boob Tube Dudes


Super Boob Tube Dudes is a weekly spoiler filled, superhero television show themed podcast hosted by Dante and Tyler (The Dudes). Each episode they discuss and review the superhero tv shows airing today and occasionally chat about news and movies. After each season of a superhero show, the hosts score/grade that season out of 100. Join us some time!

Channel 144 – The Black Lightning Painkiller

We’re The Dudes and we’re super excited for #Painkiller! Hopefully, this show gets launched after that back door pilot. #Supergirl feels like it’s getting spookier by the episode and the #Flash is pretty freaked out by Mama speed force… And then there’s really amazing stuff happening with the falcon in the Winter Soldier and invincible.

Channel 140 – A Wells for all Seasons

Part 2 of this week’s podcast! We are caught up with all the shows now! #Batwoman #Pennyworth #BlackLighting #SupermanAndLois #Flash

Channel 139 – WandaVision Wraps Up

A little bit late but this is episode 1 of 2 this week! #Wandavision is complete and #pennyworth #blacklightning still going and #flash is starting up

Channel 138 – The Backstory

We’re the dudes, and we’re excited that #SupermanAndLois has finally hit our screens! Slowly getting places with #BlackLightning and #Batwoman … but what about that #WandaVision … #ohmy