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Game of Thrones Podcast

‘The Iron Throne’ Re-Reveiw

The final week of the experiment is upon us. The gang are all here to recap the series finale of Game of Thrones. We are left with lots of questions a few answers. Does the show have the ‘bittersweet’ ending we were promised? Does a year removed from it help us to appreciate it a little better? What’s next for the Reigns of Podcastemere crew? All these answers and more, come have a listen.

‘The Bells’ Re-Review

This week Chris, Mark and Tay take a look back at the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones. What should be a setup for a satisfying ending turns into mush and garbage. From characters who get way cleaner deaths than they deserve and battles that are boring and pure fan service. Come have a listen to our thoughts one year later.

‘The Last of the Starks’ Re-Review

This week we have another full house. The gang just kinda forgot how bad this episode was. They also just kinda forgot the terrible character assassinations that take place here. It’s really amazing how they just kinda forget things. Is this the episode where the show goes completely in the toilet? Are we setting up for liking the ending more? Come have a listen and find out.

‘The Long Night’ Re-Review

This week the gang struggle to keep their eyes on the action. Crank up the brightness and the contrast. Does the epic battle for Winterfell, the north and the whole realm hold up to a re-watch? Is their defecence plan the worst military strategy of all time? Is the Night King’s strategy equally bad? Come find out.

‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ Re-Review

This week we have a full group, Taylor and Chris are joined by Mark and Chris Trottier to discover if this is the best episode of season 8. Is this one a super eye roller or fan service done right? Come find out what we have to say.

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‘Winterfell’ Recap 1 Year Later

Chris and Tay are back to see if season 8 is as bad as we remember. Given one year to let it sit in our minds are we going to accept it any better now? Come hang out and see.

‘The Bells’ Recap

This week Chris, Tay and Mark are back to break down ‘The Bells’, the penultimate episode of HBO’s runaway hit series, Game of Thrones. The divisiveness of season 8 continues as our panel discuss what they liked and possibly didn’t like. Does Mark owe Chris a sandwich? Is the “turn” rushed? Did they ruin a few character archs? Find out what the gang thought.

‘The Last of the Starks’ Recap

A little late, this week Chris, Tay and Mark discuss the seemingly divisive episode of Game of Thrones. It seems that the internet hates what’s happening. Do we hate the direction of the show? Are we satisfied with the choices that are being made? You’ll have to listen to find out!

‘The Long Night’ Recap

The gang were slacking last week. That means you get and EXTRA SPECIAL 2 for 1 episode. We dicuss both “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ and ‘The Long Night’. They should’ve called it ‘The Long Dark Night Where You Can’t See Anything and You’re Not Sure Who Died’.