Westworld podcast

#2 – 09-10: The Door

Well there it is folks… #Westworld season 2 is over… where does it go now? how many questions did the finale leave you with?

#2-07:08 The Long Game

Well that was a little unexpected… #Westworld really playing the long game here

#2 – E6: Reremembering

Lindsay, Chris and Tyler attempt to reremember timelines and what order they are/were in #WESTWORLD

#2 – 02-05: We’ve missed a few

So ya some jerk decided to go on vacation so we missed a few weeks… but we’re back to catch up on #WestWorld and its crazy timelines

#2-01 – Journey Into Night

ANd we’re back at the park! #Westworld is taking a very interesting turn this season! Will we find #TheDoor ?

#1-09 The Westworld Movie (1973)

The crew gets together to discuss the Westworld movies from 1973… does it hold up? Listen to find out!

#1-08 – Where we Rollback to the Start

Tyler is joined by Lindsay and Chris chat about the finale a little bit and then go on about what could happen in the next season in 2018!!

#1-07 – Where WE get Derailed

In this episode Lindsay and Tyler continue to try and convince Christian and we get a little derailed.  We will be back next week with a full review of the season.

#1-06 – Where the Answers Start

In this episode we finally get some answers to everyone’s long lasting theories. Tyler continues to prove to Christian that there are in fact separate timelines. You have to look closely but the proof is there