Ever wondered what would happen if you gave a group of Canadians who used to work together in a local video store a medium to voice their opinions? Well you’re in luck!Welcome to RabblePress where you can find out what we, the Rabblers, think of movies and video games! We used to go to work and tell each other and our customers what we thought of the latest thing we watched/played so we decided to make a website that would allow us to tell the world. Here at RabblePress you will be able to read about different Rabblers opinions as well as listen to a group of us discuss our opinions in our podcasts. We have all been watching movies & TV shows and playing video games for YEARS!! Some of us are even in the film and gaming industry.

Check out all the Rabblers and find the one(s) you connect with the most and see what they have to say. Some of us have the same likes and dislikes but usually have different takes on how we managed to get to those conclusions.

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